Conversations with Beneficiaries of Malaria Nets Distributed in September 2012


We would like to wish our friends and supporters a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.  With encouragement and support from you, Project Mosqutio Nets continues to provide education on prevention of malaria and long lasting insecticide treated nets to families vulnerable to malaria in Zambia. To learn more visit

Impact of the Distribution of Nets in September 2012: Three months after the nets were distributed our Project Nurse had conversations with several families regarding the impact of the nets on their household. Here is what we learnt.
1. Most of the families who received nets live in areas which are densely populated, have a high incidence of HIV/AIDS, and have areas that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes due to standing water (such as the George compound, Chungwa and Chingwere areas).
2. The average household size is about 8-9 people and they share 1-2 rooms and a small kitchen area. Since space is limited one of the challenges is to store the nets properly during the day as the sleeping area is used as a living room during the day. This means that they hang the nets at night but then have to take them down every morning.
3. On average 2-3 people are sleeping under one net. This implies that one net can prevent malaria 2-3 people.
4. All of the families we chatted with have been malaria free since they received the nets as they are using and maintaining the nets as demonstrated during the distribution event.
5. The nets have prolonged the life span of HIV positive children and adults, as people living with HIV are three times as likely to suffer from malaria, as compared to a person who is HIV negative. In addition, malaria can be fatal in cases of women who are expecting a child and are HIV positive.
6. All the beneficiaries interviewed are happy with the receipt of nets, hope that this program continues in 2013 and beyond and would like us to convey their thanks to donors.

To Sum: The program has been received with a lot of enthusiasm in Matero compound in Lusaka, Zambia. This is proven by the fact that there is huge crowd on the day of the distribution and we have to take the help of the local police to maintain peace and order during the distribution activities. Provision of bed nets and education on malaria prevention and proper use and maintenance of nets goes a long way in eradicating malaria from the community. As a result of this distribution of nets, and proper use by beneficiaries we are seeing a marked reduction in the incidence of malaria and an increase in school attendance. However, several thousand more nets are needed as there are several thousand households without bed nets in Zambia.

Request for Funds: At this time we are raising funds to provide 1000 long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLIN’s) in the Spring of 2013 and an additional 1000 nets in Fall 2013. Please donate generously as your donation will go a long way in preventing malaria and keeping the children healthy and in school.   

Thanks again for your support and encouragement.