Lessons Learned

Power of Love Foundation has worked in the communities in Africa for over 7 years now. Some lessons we have learned that guide our beliefs:

  1. While the AIDS epidemic disproportionately targets sub-Saharan Africa, the people of Africa are capable of managing and solving this crisis. Our role, as citizens of developing countries, is to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Africa and provide them support, resources and partnership to solve this crisis - never forgetting that this is an African problem to be ultimately managed by the people of Africa.
  2. While there is no single silver bullet to solve the crisis, empowering women to become socially and economically stronger provides the best long term platform for caring for the sick and preventing the further spread of HIV. This includes educating the girl-child, strengthening women's groups, supporting women in setting up small businesses. Virtually all care in Africa is provided by women, particularly grandmothers and it is critical to strengthen their position if we are to help African beat back this epidemic in the long-run.
  3. Malaria is a huge killer in Africa. When combined with AIDS it is deadly. Providing treated mosquito nets to all children and educating them on regular use of mosquito nets is the single most effective means to combat malaria. It is important to combine the distribution of malaria nets with adequate education and training on their use.

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