Stories of children who are Malaria Free and in School as a result of sleeping under a net

Project Mosquito Nets provides education on prevention of malaria and long lasting insecticide treated nets to children and families vulnerable to malaria in Zambia. Segments of the population that are particularly vulnerable to malaria and for whom malaria could be fatal include: children under five years, older people, pregnant women, people living with HIV, and people who have TB. Children and adults who have HIV/AIDS are more likely to experience severe malaria requiring hospitalization and the risk of death. An added complication is that co-infection rates between HIV, malaria, and TB are high.
Over the last few years we have seen that as a result of sleeping under a net, the incidence of malaria has been reduced, and school attendance has increased due to improved health of the children. For a short video on the distribution day activities click here. To learn more about our malaria prevention program in Zambia click here. Given below are stories of two children who have been successful in preventing malaria, are attending school and are living close to normal lives.

Nelly: Nelly is a 10 year old HIV positive fourth grader. She lives with her grandmother in a household with 14 people as she lost her parents to AIDS. Nelly's grandmother received a long lasting insecticide treated net last September and since then both Nelly and her grandmother have been sleeping under a net. As a result, Nelly has been malaria free and is attending school regularly. We hope to provide nets to all members in Nelly's household at the next distribution.

Grace: Grace is 13 years old, HIV positive and is on ARV medication. She takes her medication regularly and on time as she understands the importance of adhering to the medication regimen. Grace is a bright young girl who loves school and all her classes. Her parents (also HIV positive) received nets from our program and since then the three of them have been malaria free. Since, Grace's family is HIV positive they are at increased risk of malaria (as their immune system is compromised) and the protection provided by anti-malarial treatment is also lower. Grace and her parents are grateful for the nets and for the existence of Project Mosquito Nets in their neighborhood.

Need For Nets: The need for several thousand more nets is ongoing for the following reasons:
(i) In areas like Chunga and Zingaluma there are several water logged areas/sewers which are breeding grounds of mosquitoes.
(ii) Due to an unemployment rate upwards of 67%, the residents of the community are not able to afford a net. In addition, a high rate of HIV incidence increases their vulnerability to malaria.

Request for Funds: At this time we are raising funds to provide 2000 long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLIN’s) in fall 2013. Please donate generously as your donation will go a long way in preventing malaria and keeping the children healthy and in school.

The recipients of nets hope that this program continues in 2013 and beyond and would like us to convey their thanks to donors.

Thanks for your support for this program.