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January 22, 2022

Stories of Children and Families Who Use Nets Regularly and Are Malaria Free

Mercy (not her real name) and her grandmother, share their new insecticide treated bed net. Sleeping under an insecticide treated net every day during malaria season has kept Mercy and her grandma malaria free. Mercy is not scared of falling sick with malaria anymore as she has a bed net. Since receiving nets, no one in the family has been sick from malaria. In addition, Mercy attended COVID workshops and received education on how to prevent COVID and  masks to keep her safe. 

Frank and his brother have been receiving mosquito nets for the last two years. From the time his family started sleeping under a net, no one contracted malaria. Frank’s family also received education on how to use the nets properly and the importance of sleeping under a net regularly. His family is appreciative of our malaria prevention program as they cannot afford to buy mosquito bed nets. Frank and his brother love to participate in our ” Safe Park/COVID Educaton”, weekly educational games and activities, program.  

Dan participates regularly in our community outreach program on Saturday mornings. He and his family of six, received education on malaria and long-lasting insecticide treated nets. They started sleeping under bed nets two years back and have been malaria free. Dan sleeps under a net with his younger brother. His mom is happy that her family has been malaria free and that Danny is playing educational games and learning life skills by participating in the community outreach program activities.

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