Hello. My name is Alka Subramanian, Executive Director and Founder of the Power of Love Foundation. I am excited to share with you information about our organization.

Power of Love is a California-based US non-profit organization that works towards the prevention of HIV and care of HIV infected children in Zambia and India. It was started 10 years ago by three friends who quit their senior industry and tenured academic jobs to build innovative solutions for the global HIV and AIDS crises that work at the local and community levels.

Over the last decade significant progress has been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS, but children are still falling through the gaps. Every day, 1000 children are born infected with HIV even though this is completely preventable. Many children born HIV positive will die by age two if they do not receive medication and adequate care.  In addition, only 23% of children living with HIV and AIDS are receiving the necessary treatment. This problem continues to remain unaddressed and is growing.

With 10 years of work we have developed a highly cost-effective way to prevent children from being born HIV positive and for children with HIV to live a normal life for pennies per day. At this time we have 250 HIV + children and their families in our program.

Our comprehensive pediatric HIV care program includes a community-based healthcare system (Within Arms' Reach Program), microloans for caregivers of HIV positive children, and malaria prevention via distribution of nets.

We are happy and proud as our pediatric HIV care program just hit a major milestone. In the last few years, of the 32 children born in the program to HIV+ mothers, 31 were born HIV negative. This is an unheard of statistic outside the high-tech/expensive medical world and a story that may be of value to others working toward similar goals.

Our model of care for HIV positive children was developed through partnerships with MIT and Harvard and utilizes best practices from the world of business. Our work is being studied and replicated by other organizations in the field. Nevertheless, we continue to refine our approach to deliver more care at a lower cost.

We know we can solve this huge problem. We know how to do it and we know how to deliver the solution in a loving and cost-effective way. We need your partnership and help. Please contact us or visit to share your thoughts or contribute.

PSA for Microloans

PSA for Project Mosquito Net

Project Mosquito Net is POL's initiative to provide long lasting insecticide treated nets and education on prevention of malaria to children and families vulnerable to malaria in Zambia.

PSA for Safe Parks (formerly Living Positive)

Everything we do is directed toward saving the lives of HIV positive children and empowering their caregivers/community. To celebrate our tenth year, we added 50 new children to The Power of Love's Pediatric HIV Care Program, bringing the total to 200 HIV positive children enrolled.

See footage of 2012 Mosquito Net Distribution

Micagem Zambia - POL Mosquito Nets Project