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October 27, 2016

October 2016 - Exciting Developments in Our Micro Loans Program

Dear Power of Love Friend: Hope you are doing well. Today we would like to share the achievements of women enrolled in our micro loans program. These first time entrepreneurs are gaining confidence in running businesses, and making the community stronger by teaching others the value of self-reliance. Some of their achievements are given below: 

  • A record number of 150 new businesses were launched in 2016. 
  • 372 women completed business training this past year. The newly minted entrepreneurs are working hard to keep their children in school.
  • Some of our graduates formed a business club with the goal of mentoring current loan recipients. Read more.

Please donate generously so we can continue to empower women and help them take steps toward self-reliance. A  donation of $40.00 will provide business training, and $125 will provide a new loan. And as always, 100% of your donations go towards POL programs and no part is used for overheads. 

Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation


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