Globally, microloans programs have been successful in helping women break the vicious circle of low education and income. These programs provide small loans (without... More »

The mission of our “Safe Park” program is to create a safe environment for children in the community to learn, play and interact with peers, thereby... More »

Malaria is the single biggest killer for children in Africa. Over 300,000 children die from malaria every year, young children are especially vulnerable as their immune... More »

Over 2 million infants and children are living with HIV globally, the vast majority infected at birth. These infants have at best a life-expectancy of 4-5 years without... More »

The Trash-to-Treasure program aims to strengthen the community by teaching residents how to reuse waste plastic and transform it into items they can use or sell. Craftable... More »

The mission of this program is to ensure that children born to HIV+ women are free of HIV.

Circle of Care is Comprehensive

Climate change is affecting southern Africa disproportionately. As Zambia enters its 4th year of extreme drought and topsoil erosion... More »

The mission of our "Young Stars" program is to help a child growing up in difficult circumstances stay healthy, continue school, and ultimately enroll in a university. The... More »

The mission of this program is for all children to have access to good education. Accordingly, our goal is that all school age children enrolled in our pediatric HIV care... More »

The mission of “Digital Doctor” is to improve health outcomes for HIV+ orphans and vulnerable children and their families.  

Our primary goals are:  

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