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February 25, 2018

A Little Support and Training Helps HIV+ Orphans and Vulnerable Children Stay Healthy

In 2017, generous donors such as yourself helped raise more than $50,000 for Power of Love's pediatric HIV care program in Zambia. These funds were used to implement diverse program activities that range from the provision of food, medicines, regular health check-ups, education in prevention of HIV, psycho-social counseling, and training in adherence to medication to 350 HIV+ children. In addition, family members were trained in caring for an HIV+ child and in prevention of HIV. As a result, here are some heartwarming numbers from the field:

1. Direct beneficiaries are 350 HIV+ children and indirect beneficiaries an additional 1900 orphans and vulnerable children.

2. Number of children receiving regular health check-ups and monitoring: 350

3. Number of children whose health improved as measured by a sustained weight gain: 94 

4. Number of children whose immune system strengthened as measured by an increase in CD4 count: 25

5. Children provided with counseling, education in HIV, and adherence training and monitoring: 140

6. Family members receiving counseling, and ongoing training in HIV care and prevention: 341

7. Families provided with malaria bed nets and education on malaria prevention: 341

8. Family members tested for HIV: 273

9. Family members tested positive and provided with counseling: 207

10. Children supported with school expenses: 24

11. Expecting moms provided with PMTCT intervention: 3

Over the last 13 years, survival rates for children have been approximately 98%, opportunistic infections drop to 20-25% of pre-enrollment levels once the child has been on the program for 4-5 months, there is a marked improvement in malnutrition levels, there is a reduction in stigma associated with HIV, and school attendance is higher. Our comprehensive approach takes care of physical, educational, social, psychological, and income generation, needs of the women and children. These program activities lead to large and sustained ripple effects in our community.

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