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November 18, 2020

Orphans and Vulnerable Living with HIV Are Stable in Health and Attending School

With your support, all 450 HIV+ orphans and vulnerable children under our care are stable in health and attending school. 

Program Activities: All children receive food, medicines, and a comprehensive package of life saving health care services. The package includes regular health monitoring, education in HIV, psychosocial counseling, and monitoring and training in adherence to medication. In addition, children who cannot afford school expenses are supported with funds for fees, uniforms, shoes, and book bags. Caregivers of children receive counseling and ongoing education in HIV. Since, April 2020, education on COVID and PPE is provided to all families. 

Program Impact: As a result of these program activities, the children improve in health, are better adjusted to their HIV status, attend school, and look forward to a bright future. To illustrate impact of this program, stories of two children are given below.  

Sue is a bright six-year old who is cared for by her aunt and uncle. She was abandoned by her mom when she tested positive for HIV. Her mom remarried and lives with her husband. Sue started ARV’s when she was three years old. In 2019, she was suffering from diarrhea, cough, and fever. On a recommendation from a friend, her aunt enrolled her in our pediatric HIV care program last year. Sue's aunt and uncle received education on basic hygiene, nursing and caring for an HIV+ child. Since enrollment, Sue’s health has improved, and she has no complaints. She attends pre-school and loves it.

Henry, now 18 years old is the youngest of four siblings. His parents (both on treatment for HIV), support 10 people in their household. His father works part time, and his mother started a small business with loan funds received from our micro loans program. Henry started getting sick with cough, diarrhea, and fever when he was just six months old. He contracted TB, tested positive for HIV and has been on medication since then. He joined our program in 2006, as he was sick and had been in hospital several times. Post enrollment his health has improved, adheres well to his medications, and graduated from high school last year. At present, Henry leads workshops on HIV as part of our community outreach program. He would like to study pharmaceutical science.

Thanks for giving the gift of health and an opportunity to attend school to hundreds of vulnerable children in Zambia.

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