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May 31, 2021

Our Zambian Family is Growing

Grandmothers, mothers and aunts in Africa take care of their HIV+ children with very few resources. Most families enrolled in our pediatric HIV care program face food insecurity, illness, impact of HIV, and have insufficient knowledge about HIV. In Zambia, as everywhere else, COVID-19 aggravated these circumtances as families lost livelihoods and due to increased uncertainty. To support these moms and grandmas, 75 new children were enrolled last month bringing the total to 500 children who receive healthcare and educational support. Families of new children were provided with training in basic nursing and in caring for an HIV+ child. For the next few months, the new children will be monitored closely to ensure a sustained improvement in their mental and physical health. In addition, 241 children were provided with funds for school expenses such as fees, uniforms, school bags and shoes last January and February. The goal of these program activities is to keep families informed about HIV and COVID, healthy, and children in school.  

Thanks for keeping hundreds of orphan and vulnerable children healthy and in school.  

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