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January 18, 2018

You Are Helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children Play, Learn and Grow

Thank you for working with us to provide a safe and happy environment in which orphans and vulnerable children can play and learn. Today we would like you to meet one of the children who have benefitted from your support over the past year.

Jake: Jake is a 13-year old orphan and the youngest of four siblings. He lost his dad to TB and mom to AIDS. He and this three sisters live with their widowed aunt who is the sole provider for a household of eight. His aunt makes ends meet by selling vegetables by the roadside near their home and she barely earns enough for two meals per day.

Jake participates in our "Safe Park" program enthusiastically every week. He interacts well with other children and is happy playing and learning with them. He is studying in grade six, is an excellent student and his favourite subjects are mathematics, english, science, creative technology studies, Nyanja (one of the languages spoken in Zambia) and social studies. During "Safe Park" he receives help with homework. He does not like to miss school and wants to be an accountant when he grows up. In his spare time he loves to play soccer and basketball and likes attending church service.   

Jake and his family are thankful for the support provided by our comprehensive program. Since he is also enrolled in our pediatric HIV care program, he receives a comprehensive package of health care services that include education on prevention of STI’s, training and monitoring in adherence to medication, and psychosocial counselling. His family receives mosquito bed nets and education on prevention of malaria.

We are confident that Jake will continue to do well in school and realize his dream of becoming an accountant. Also, we are encouraging him to mentor younger children as he is an excellent role model for other children in this program. 

Thanks for helping us provide a safe environment for hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children like Jake. 

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