POL Financials

100% of donations received from private donors go towards provision of program services. These funds directly reach program beneficiaries as food, medicines, life saving health care services, malaria bed nets, business training, microloans, education on prevention of malaria and HIV, psychosocial counseling, school support for children and other program services. Organizational overheads are funded by the founders or raised separately from institutional funders to cover the development aspects of our programs.

Overhead Costs

We have capped our overhead costs at 9% of all our expenses, but typically come below this figure. Of the program funding, we allocate 10% for research and development of programs, and use the remaining 90% for implementation of programs. POL's general and administrative expenses as a percentage of total expenses typically range between 7-9%. Power of Love's financials and tax returns are provided below.


Our projects are loacted  in Zambia and India, with the bulk of our funding going towards programs in Zambia. Typically, 95% of our program funds go towards programs in Zambia and 5% towards programs in India.


As a result of the generosity of our donors (institutional and individual) we are able to provide food, medicines, life saving health care services, education on prevention of HIV, business training, micro loans, education on prevention of malaria, and long lasting insecticide treated nets to children and families impacted/infected by HIV and malaria in Zambia and India.