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May 31, 2021

Business Training and New Loans Provided to First Time Entrepreneurs

Business training session

Today we are thinking of the mothers and aunts in Africa who cannot afford necessities such as food, medicines and rent for their families and school expenses for their children. Since last year, COVID has aggravated the situation.

To put more women on the path of self-reliance, 380 women were provided with business training this year. As a part of the business training provided, trainees create a business plan for their proposed business. This gives them a head start in anticipating challenges in business operations. In addition, 80 women were provided with loans to start businesses and the new businesses will be monitored closely to ensure success. Stories of two loan recipients who are now on the path to self-reliance and family sustainability are given below.

Jane, a 31 years old single mom is the sole caregiver for her six children. She received her first loan in December 2018 and is now on her third loan. In 2019, she started selling vegetables, worked hard, saved and has now diversified to selling higher value items such as used clothing and shoes. With earnings from her business, she is able to pay for food, medicines and rent. In addition, she paid for a skills training course for her oldest daughter. Jane appreciates the business training, loan funds, and ongoing business mentoring she has received over the last 24 months.  

Mary has three children and is the primary bread winner for her family as her husband is a part time volunteer pastor in a small church. With loan funds, she started a business that sells used clothing.  She has repaid two loans successfully and is now on her third loan. Mary appreciates the business training and ongoing support provided. At present, her family appreciates that earnings from her business enable them to eat a better diet so their health has improved and pay for school expenses.

Our goal with this program is that vulnerable women continue to run successful businesses so that there is income stability, they can build assets, are more financially literate, and children are in school. 

Thanks for giving vulnerable women an opportunity to run successful businesses. 

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