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July 28, 2021

COVID Workshops Are A Valuable Tool

The ongoing pandemic has made life more difficult for vulnerable communities globally. In resource poor communities, more families face food insecurity due to the impact of COVID, and other factors such as climate change and conflict. For the last 18 months our goal has been to keep vulnerable communities educated on COVID prevention, safe from COVID, and to ensure that children continue with schoolwork. 

The COVID education workshops launched last year, provide information on COVID prevention and safety. The goal of these workshops is to provide a safe, clean, and supervised place for children to interact and express themselves through educational activities such as drawing, singing or creative writing. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and share their views on the pandemic through writing, drawing, or conversation. The workshops are held in a safe manner and children learn about the importance of frequent hand washing with soap, and the proper way to use masks. These workshops are free and open to all children from Matero and neighboring communities. Masks and a small snack are provided. 

A story that illustrates the impact of counselling families during the workshop (if needed) is given below: Tim, a 10-year-old boy was not on good terms with his aunt who is his sole caregiver. His stubborn and disrespectful behavior was a source of concern for his family. A friend of his aunt advised her to discuss the situation with our team. Subsequently, a social worker met and counselled them individually. During the counselling session it was discovered that Tim was not fully aware or understood that his mom had passed away. He missed his mom and could not understand why he had to live with his aunt. Once the situation was explained to him, he felt better and started accepting the new situation. Now both Tim and his aunt are happy. Recently, Tim’s aunt visited the center to thank our team for their counsel and advice.

We plan to continue to continue to keep communities informed about COVID, so that families can stay healthy, and children can attend school.

Thanks for keeping children and families safe from COVID.

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