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June 22, 2023

Games and Fun Activities are Critical for the Normal Development of Children

We strongly believe that games and fun activities are critical for the normal development of Children. Power of Love’s Safe Park/COVID education program continues to be popular with children and community leaders. In addition to educational games and workshops, the children now have an opportunity to check out books and videos at community libraries. This goes a long way in improving their reading and writing skills.

Mobile Safe Park: Over the past 18 months, “Safe Park” has been mobile. This implies that children can play and learn at locations closer to their homes making it more convenient for the parents as need to travel a much shorter distance.

Impact: In 2023, to date, more than 500 children participated in program activities, and we expect this number to double by the end of the year.

“Safe Park” activities help children express their feelings, teach them life skills, and find solutions.

Thank you for giving the gift of a safe environment to vulnerable children in Zambia.

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