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January 13, 2017

Joyce is a Star

Women like Joyce Inspire Us Everyday

Life became difficult for Joyce when she lost her husband to AIDS two years back as she is the sole caregiver for five children (four her own and one nephew). During a weekly home visit for her youngest child who is enrolled in our pediatric HIV care program, POL’s health care worker advised her to enroll in our micro loans program. Joyce says her life changed in April 2016 when she enrolled. After successful completion of business training, she received a loan and started selling fruits. Earnings from her fruit stand, enable her to pay for food, medicines, rent, and school expenses. She completed repayments on her first loan and is currently on her second loan. Joyce is working hard to repay the second loan so that she can receive her third and final loan. Her plan is to expand her business in the next few months.

Joyce has built strong social networks with other women in the loans program. She is happy as she is now self-reliant and a role model for other women in her community. 

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