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March 20, 2019

Milestones Reached by Power of Love’s Pediatric HIV Care Program in Zambia

In 2018, generous of donors helped provide a comprehensive package of life saving health care services to 400 HIV+ children, ongoing training to family members, PMTCT education to HIV+ pregnant women, and school support to vulnerable families. The provision of these program activities resulted in a huge and sustained impact on hundreds of families in a resource poor community in Lusaka, Zambia. 

A Lot of Good Things Happened in 2018

The number of children and family members impacted by our pediatric HIV care program are given below:

  • Direct and Indirect beneficiaries: 2,400 children and family members.
  • Children receiving food, cooking oil and medicines: 400
  • Children receiving high protein soya supplements, food, cooking oil, and medicines: 150
  • Better health of children measured by increase in weight and reduced frequency and intensity of infections: 158
  • Children provided with psycho social counseling once they are aware of their HIV+ status: 172
  • Children provided with education in HIV: 172
  • Children provided with monitoring and training in adherence to medications:172
  • Family members provided with psycho-social counseling: 386
  • Family members tested for HIV: 330
  • Family members provided with counseling after testing positive for HIV: 245
  • Family members receiving ongoing training in HIV care and prevention: 386
  • Family members receiving business training and loans to start a business: 168
  • Families receiving education in malaria and long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito bed nets: 386
  • Number of children born HIV free to HIV+ moms: 38 out of 39
  • Children supported with school expenses such as school fees, uniforms, shoes, or school bags: 65

Program Impact

In addition to improved health and more children attending school, families have better knowledge about HIV and malaria. This results in community residents taking steps to prevent new HIV infections and the spread of HIV. As a result, we are seeing a lower incidence of HIV and reduced stigma amongst beneficiary families and are confident these results will spread to the larger community.

Plans for 2019

Add 50 HIV+ children to bring the total number of children under our care to 450.

  • Continue to monitor the health of children under our care so that they never develop AIDS.
  • Zero new HIV infections via PMTCT (Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child-Transmission).
  • Track school attendance and performance to ensure the children are learning.
  • Encourage older children to volunteer with us as these children can be role models and mentors for younger children.
  • Expand the skill set of community members via the provision of education and training programs.
  • Gather more in-depth feedback from community residents. 

Overall, the ripple effects of our comprehensive approach are significant, sustained, and continue to strengthen families in the community.

Thanks for making healthcare accessible to hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia.

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