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September 4, 2023

Play is Valuable

"Safe Park" is a program that is open to all children living in communities that have almost no places for them to play and learn in a safe environment. Many children are traumatized as they may have lost a sibling/parent to AIDS, may be having a difficult time adjusting to their positive HIV status, or may not be in school. Age-appropriate educational games and workshops give the children an opportunity to interact with their peers, learn and play. Games and activities are designed to promote healthy mental and physical development of children in a safe environment. Social and childcare workers, trained in trauma management, observe the children and counsel their family members. Families are encouraged to access healthcare and counseling services provided by the local clinics and other social agencies. In addition, families are provided with long lasting insecticide treated nets and education on prevention of diseases. Feedback from community residents and leaders has been positive.

Thank you for giving the gift of play and learning to children in Zambia.

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