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June 22, 2023

We Are Growing Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Power of Love's micro loans program provides multiple loans, business training, and ongoing support to vulnerable women in Zambia. The provision of training in entrepreneurial skills, three consecutive loans, and ongoing business support has been critical in building a community of women leaders and entrepreneurs. These women are running successful businesses, creating employment opportunities for others, and adding value for community members by opening stores that did not exist in their communities.

How do we grow leaders?: All program activities focus on increasing skills levels in the community and provision of entrepreneurial training and support to first time women entrepreneurs. In 2023 to date, 300 women received training in entrepreneurial skills and an additional 150 women will receive this training next month. The newly trained women own such as vegetables/grocery stand, mobile banking booths, used clothing, used shoes, blankets, school uniforms, dress making, bed sheets etc. 

What next? Our goal is to train 800 women by the end of this year so that they are better equipped for business success. Please donate generously so we can increase skill levels in the community, grow women entrepreneurs, and keep children in school. 

Thanks for building a community of women entrepreneurs and leaders.


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