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May 6, 2024

April 2024 - We Are Celebrating All Children in Our Programs

Dear Power of Love Friend: Happy April! 

We have learned that providing only HIV medications to children living with HIV is not enough to ensure that children beat back HIV, stay healthy, and attend school. This is why our pediatric HIV care program provides a comprehensive package of medical care, adherence training, mental health counseling, co-infection prevention, and school support to make sure that all children with HIV live healthy and normal lives. We believe this comprehensive approach has been the reason for the extraordinary results we have had over the last two decades.

Nina, a three-year-old orphan joined our program last year. She is being cared for by her aunt. Since joining our program, Nina’s health has improved significantly. With the active participation of her aunt, we deliver a customized healthcare plan for Nina that includes regular health checkups, food, protein supplements, and medicines. In addition, her aunt receives training in caring for Nina. We celebrate Nina and all children in our programs who are thriving despite the challenging circumstances they live in.

Many of you support children like Nina. Please continue to do so. Your support saves lives by keeping families safe from ill-health and children in school. Also please consider donating generously to provide Safe Water Filtration Systems to families that lack access to clean water. Every dollar counts. And, as always, 100% of your donations go towards programs and no part is used for our overheads.  

Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation

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