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February 22, 2017

Thanks and Happy Holidays

Dear Power of Love Friend: The Power of Love team extends a personal and heartfelt thank you for your dedication to prevent the spread of HIV, take care of children living with HIV, and empower women to become first-time entrepreneurs. 2016 was an extraordinary year; with your help, we provided a broader set of services to a large and growing number of families in Zambia and India. We are proud to share a few of our key accomplishments: 

1. Survival rate of 98% for HIV+ children over the last 12 years.

2. Zero new HIV infections via mother to child transmission.

3. Zero deaths due to malaria. 

We are so grateful and know that could not have achieved this without your support. 

Please take a moment to treat yourself to this short video of two little girls learning to dance - we hope that this brightens your day. 

Sending a giant wave of love this holiday season! Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation


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