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January 1, 2024

Meet Two Leaders and Role Models

We have learned that with access to credit and training, women in resource poor neighborhoods are able to take good care of their families, build assets, and live close to normal lives. All women enrolled in our micro loans program are able to take better care of their families. They receive a comprehensive package of services that includes multiple loans, business training, ongoing support, and education in HIV. Given below are stories of two women who are enjoying the independence and status that comes with being business owners. They are now leaders and role models for others in their community.

Mary (name changed) says, “we used to wake up every day looking for jobs, like washing people’s clothes. My husband also goes to work in people’s shops on a part-time basis. Every day we hoped that people would give us work,”. After enrolling in our program and completion of business training, Mary received her first loan. She used loan funds to start a business selling plastic buckets and baby clothes. Earnings from her business enable her to take better care of her family. Mary is on track with repayments on her loan and hopes to expand her business. She says, “my dream is to wake up one day and find my children have completed school and are living in better communities. This is what I dream about every day. It is the reason I ensure that they still go to school every day. I am working hard so that I manage to pay back the loan well and receive another one.”

Cathy (name changed) is a widow with four children and three dependents. She joined Power of Love’s micro loans program last year. After Cathy completed business training, she purchased cosmetics and toiletries with loan funds and opened a shop in the busy Kabwata marketplace in Lusaka, Zambia. She is now able to provide for her family, and her children are in school. Cathy is on track with repayments on her first loan and is looking forward to receiving the second loan soon, as she wants to expand her business.

Thank you for giving women an opportunity to be business owners.

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