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September 4, 2023

Microloans and Training Help Build Assets

Power of Love's micro loans program provides training in entrepreneurial skills, multiple loans, and ongoing support to women in Zambia. In addition to training and loans, program activities focus on the provision of information on how to open a bank account, save regularly, build assets, and teach financial literacy. 

Our goal: is for all women to be self-reliant and have a stable income that enables them to pay for necessities and keep children in school. Most women are fast learners. Just a few months after enrolling in the program, completing business training, and running their business, most women start saving regularly and plan to expand their business. Many women rent farms for extra income, purchase building material for extending their homes for rental income, or purchase land to build a new home. Over the last few years, we find that 60% of women purchased building material, 11% built new shops/homes, 44% rented farmland, and 33% purchased land.

What next? Our goal is for all women to continue to run successful businesses and be self-reliant and even after they graduate from the program. Our plan is to train 700 women by the end of this year so that they are better equipped for business success.

Please donate generously so we can increase skill levels in the community, grow women entrepreneurs, and keep children in school. 

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