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May 30, 2024

Our Goal is to Grow 800 New Women Entrepreneurs This Year

Power of Love's micro loans program is committed to improving the lives of women living in resource poor communities. This program trains women in entrepreneurial skills to help them run their own small businesses, and provides multiple loans with no collateral, continuous mentoring, group meetings to help them negotiate structural barriers at home, and guidance to prevent health issues unique to women. For every woman who is supported, there is a multiplier effect in the number of children and family members whose lives change significantly.

In the first four months of this year, 400 women received business training. The women are natural entrepreneurs and rapid learners; equipped with business skills and loans they start and run successful businesses. One such first time entrepreneur is Agnes. Agnes is a widow and the sole caregiver for her family of seven (three children of her own and three orphaned nephews/nieces). She was finding it difficult to provide food, medicines, and school fees for her family. Last December, she joined our program and after completion of business training, was ready with a business plan. Since she knew how to tailor clothes, she used loan funds to repair her sewing machine and purchase fabric to sew bedsheets and uniforms for her customers. Agnes’s business is doing well. She is now able to pay for necessities and all children in her home are back at school. When we met her recently, she was confident that her business would continue to grow, the health of her family will continue to improve, and all children in her care will graduate high school.

Our goal is to train an additional 400 women this year to bring the total to 800 and provide loans to an additional 400 women. A small investment in the provision of business training and loans goes a long way in growing entrepreneurs and leaders. These new leaders strengthen their communities and never fail to inspire us. Please donate generously so we can continue to increase skill levels in the community. 

Thank you for giving women an opportunity to learn business skills and run successful businesses.

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