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September 4, 2023

We are Getting Ready for the Next Malaria Season

Malaria continues to be the leading cause of child mortality globally and deaths due to malaria continue to be unacceptably high. In 2022, malaria killed about 500,000 children, so we have a long way to go to meet the malaria target of reducing global malaria incidence and mortality rates by 90% by 2030.  A combination of biological threats (such as resistance to current insecticides) and global economic and humanitarian crises risks underscore a need for new financing of health system innovations and new ways to use existing as well as new tools to combat emerging threats. 

Our response: Our dream is for malaria to be eliminated. To achieve this goal, we plan to provide 10,000-15,000 long lasting insecticide nets and education before the next malaria season that begins in October. The provision of these nets will keep 20,000-30,000 adults or 35,000-50,000 young children malaria free as each net can sleep up to 2 adults/four children.

Next Steps: We are raising funds to save the lives of people who are highly vulnerable to malaria but cannot afford to purchase nets. Help make this a reality by donating generously. Every dollar that goes towards malaria prevention saves lives. 

Thank you for giving the gift of health to thousands of adults and children vulnerable to malaria. 

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